Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer news

It has been a busy summer for Moonsong Chinooks. I am now the Chair of the Standard and Judge's education Committee of the Chinook Club of America. The Chinook appeared in Dog Fancy magazine causing a large bump in inquiries about the breed. Jiggles is a new father to 3 pups born to Rain Mountain Chinooks and he also finished his Grand Championship at the Washington Classic over the 4th of July weekend. Katsuk was bred to PR Rain Mountain Nakani last week and is hopefully expecting a litter. I am looking forward to the pitter patter of puppy feet this fall.

Katsuk is looking forward to having puppies- she loves being a mom Here is the sire. Baxter will be neutered in a couple weeks so this is his only chance for pups. I like Baxter's sire, Bannack, and I am happy I can bring his genes into the Moonsong breeding program The Moonsong pack enjoys a lazy moment on the deck It has been a record summer for heat in seattle. The Moonsong pack loves using the pool, hose, and sprinklers to keep cool

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