Monday, January 30, 2012

Pregnancy confirmed!!

Katsuk is expecting! This will be Katsuk's last litter and I hope she will produce several girls this time after a litter with a heck of a lot of boys last time:-) I would love a Katsuk daughter for my pack. Katsuk is a very well built female with a solid body, an amazing chest, and a super temperament to go along with her good looks. She has her CGC, TT ( Temperament Test), and TDI ( Therapy Dog International) titles as well as a grand Championship. I have been pleased with her puppies from her previous litters and can't wait to see these babies!!

A naked Katsuk shows off her nice body:-) She is a big girl- normally 70lbs. She was a chunky 74 in this pic but soon lost the weight with some sledding/scootering. A girl has to be fit before being bred!!

Katsuk has a nice, though somewhat masculine head. Several times in the ring we were told "males to the front" and I had to tell the judge she was a bitch or the judge reached back to feel testicles. She was always so much bigger than the other females.

Lounging in the pool. She knows how to relax on hot days

Katsuk as a youngster before she filled out all the way. she always knew how to strike a pose.

This is the daddy-to-be and his family. Jack is a very sweet, young male who loves everyone and everything...though you can see by this photo that he REALLY loves the cat:-) Jack does 4H with his boys and won ribbons in agility and conformation this year at fair. He is a great family dog.

Jack loves the snow

Jack as a yearling

He has a very sweet expression

Here is Katsuk's dam, Electra, who is also a good sized female. i can see a lot of her in Katsuk....

I can also see a lot of her sire, Thunder, in Katsuk- especially the head.

This is Jack's sire, Taz- who has my favorite of all Chinook heads. He is so handsome!

This is Jack's dam, Kaya- a very pretty girl

Friday, January 13, 2012

Breeding Accomplished

GRCH Hurricane Katsuk Rainsong CGC TT TDI has been bred to Sugar River Jackjumper Song. I am keeping my finger's crossed for a nice large litter of pups. Both parents are super sweet and outgoing so I am expecting some wonderful temperaments and good size. Pups are expected in early march.

Guppy found a home

Guppy found a permanent home with Rain Mountain Chinooks in Stanwood Washington. She is a very sweet girl and should have a good time running the 5 acre Rain Mountain property and playing with her new pack.