Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sad News

It is hard for me to write this news...Cedar lost all of her puppies after becoming ill from tainted cow hooves.  Her custodial owner is just devastated about the lost litter and also the loss of one of Cedar's housemates.  The full story as well as a tribute to the fallen Willy can be seen on Brownstone Chinooks blog.

Tuktu found a home

Wow!  What a response.  Thank you to everyone who contacted me about Tuktu.  He found a home within a day of me posting his information.  He will be moving to New England where he will soon have another Chinook housemate.  I am sorry his previous owner had to give him up but I am happy he found such a wonderful home.  Thanks again to everyone who offered to take him in.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adult Chinook Available

 Tuktu is a very sweet, well trained 2 year old Chinook available for adoption.  He is an experienced, reliable lead dog and is good with other dogs and people.  His owner is devastated to have to give him up but her life has had a lot of upheaval and she cannot keep him.  He is currently in Nova Scotia so an east coast home is prefereable.  He is a great dog and a loving companion.
 Tuktu loves pulling!!
 Playtime with other local sleddogs
 Tuktu taking a canoe trip
Tuktu is from my Jungle book litter
He was puppy Kotick

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Litter expected...I mean litters!!!

 Moonsong Mukilteo Bluejay ( aka Jiggles) has sired a litter for Brownstone Chinooks, due in early june.  Don't tell Jiggles but he was the back up stud who was called in to help when the original choice could not accomplish a natural breeding.
 The dam of the Brownstone litter is the beautiful Moonsong Cedar River Touchdown.  I am the breeder/co owner of Cedar and breeder/owner of the stud so this is my first "homebred" litter even though it is not my kennel doing the breeding! I will be placing a Breed potential puppy from this litter.  You can learn more by visiting the Brownstone Chinooks blog
Jiggles also sired a litter for Moonsong Chinooks a few days before he was asked to sire the Brownstone litter.  Jiggles had a very busy week and was quite happy with a job well done.
 The dam of the Moonsong litter is Cloudburst Faeden Chilali Song ( aka Chili).  I am very excited to see these pups as Chili has produced some very healthy, sweet, loyal pups.
 Jiggles sister Lilah ( Moonsong Halona Delilah) is expecting a litter for Frontier Chinooks.  Lilah is a gorgeous, well built girl who produced a phenominal litter last year.
Sire of the Frontier litter is Frontier Brick Rafferty ( in the foreground).  He is a sweet, mellow boy with a nice coat and great color.

Rainbow Bridge

 On Saturday, May 12th 2012, Pharaoh crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was 12 years old- a good age for such a big guy!  Pharaoh was a very sweet, very mellow but fun loving dog who was loved by EVERYONE who met him.  His mom came into our rescue in Florida and promptly gave birth to 10 pups- All of whom looked very Husky like except for Pharaoh.  He was so much of a Chinook -a-like as a pup that I just had to have him.
 Pharaoh looked so handsome in his harness! 
 He was a great weight pull dog and we would practice with tires by pulling them up and down our 1 mile grass runway
 What a cute face!  I had a very hard time naming him and one day a visitor to the rescue looked at him and said "Look at that puppy, he has a face painted up like a little Pharaoh" and that was his name!
 Pharaoh with his mom Chassie, a Malamute hybrid.  He did not get any of his looks from his mom!  All his littermates looked similar to her- Pharaoh was one of a kind.
 Pharaoh snoozing- his favorite activity
The only time Pharaoh was active was when he was under harness.  He loved to pull.  He was a strong, steady sled dog.  Here he is the winter after I moved to Washington in harness with UConn, Hyak, and Tay.  Of the four dogs in this picture, only Tay( back right) is left...where has time gone:-(