Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rainbow Bridge

 I am beyond devastated that Jiggles, GRCH Moonsong Mukilteo Bluejay CGC died last night at the young age of 8.  Last week, he went to the vet for a urinary problem and it was discovered on ultrasound that he had hemangiosarcoma throughout his entire body, affecting all his organs.  The vet could not believe he was alive, much less showing no signs of illness except a weak urine stream.  This was a shock as he has always been so healthy and fit.  Jiggles had showed typical Chinook stoicism and kept up a brave front but declined quickly last week and last night gave up the fight.  He was an amazing Chinook, a loyal companion, a strong sled dog, a successful show dog, and a steady, friendly ambassador for the breed.  Many people will miss him and mourn his passage but none more than me.  I put a tribute page on his blog and I hope you look at it and help me celebrate the life of a truly great dog.  Goodbye Jiggles, I love you.