Friday, July 20, 2012

Frontier litter 6 weeks

I visited the joint Frontier/Moonsong Chinooks litter last weekend and was blown away by the quality of these pups!  I get two puppies back and I am at a complete loss as to which pups to take!!  Rafferty and Lilah made amazing babies together!! 
 The pups were napping when I arrived- good timing to go over puppy applications
 Miss Apple and Miss Sunshine are pretty zonked out
 Justice naps under the chair
 Dad rafferty watches over the pups from the nice cool porch

 Knight and Moss

 Flare has a great head!

 Trying to shoot puppy pictures involves a lot of missed shots- Here is a great shot of Bliss' body but she is headless
 This shot captures Flare's awesome bone and substance but I again cut off the head!
 Mr. Knight is the lightest boned of the boys!  Not too shabby anyway 
 Flare looks like a neckless body builder in this shot:-) He does indeed have a neck but it is hard to get pictures when he is constantly tossing toys all over! 
 Flare with his collection of playthings
 Miss Sunshine looks a LOT like her grandma Katsuk in build and substance- here she is wondering how her Chihuahua housemate got up on the stool.
 Miss Sunshine
 Rafferty relaxing while getting love from his chihuahua friend

 Miss Apple is the smallest pup in the litter but has great attitude

 Sunshine, Moss, Knight, and Apple watch something interesting in the kitchen
 Flare wrestles with his brother
 What great markings! 
Lunch time