Friday, August 2, 2013

Miss Silver

At 5 days old, my surviving singleton puppy from Gambler x Kila traveled 6 1/2 hours south to Oregon to join the Brownstone Chinook litter that is only 2 days older than she.  The dam of that litter, Koyuk, was very accepting of Miss Silver and she is already benefitting from the competition to eat and the extra exercise and socialization that comes with siblings.
 Koyuk is much like her aunt Cornelia Marie and her granddam Chili- a natural mother.  This breed seems to be very pack oriented in terms of puppy raising.  My Chinooks (and my Water Spaniel) often do communal raising of pups and all lactate and feed pups- no matter who the dam is. 
 Miss Silver looks quite content with her new brothers and sisters
Getting in to get a drink is much harder with 7 other pups but good for puppy development to push and exercise muscles.
Future puppy updates can be seen on the Brownstone blog