Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Litter confirmed #2!

Kila aka Channahon's Kilakota Song, is expecting a litter a week after Cornelia is due to have her litter.  It looks like this will be a small litter but I expect the pups to be spectacular!

Kila is a very big boned, heavily built girl.  She is also super gregarious, kind, and sweet with everyone.
 She has a beautiful head!
 Big, goofy girl
 Dad is the handsome Gambler aka Frontier Luck of the Draw
 Gambler is a service dog/mobility assist dog for a woman in seattle.  He has a great work ethis and is a very sweet boy
 Gambler has an attractive head

Group win

Sandhill's Ranger, the sire of Cornelia Marie's upcoming litter, won Best of Breed and won the Group at the Greater Clark County Kennel Club dog show.
Handsome boy!  I can't wait to see the puppies!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Litter confirmed!

 Moonsong Cornelia Marie is going to be a mom!  she will be very happy to have pups of her own after nursing the last two litters of pups I have had at the house, even though they were not hers! 
 Cornelia was a serious puppy but as she has matured, she has become more goofy and carefree
 She is very athletic and is one of my best sled dogs- she loves to run
 pretty girl
 At first she was a little intimidated by the size of her 'date' Sandhill Ranger...
 ...then she obviously got over her uncertainty and was very playful and flirty
 She finds Ranger very handsome!  he is also very sweet and friendly- of course she fell in love with him
 Flirty, flirty
Our babies should be very beautiful!

Bandit is a dad!

Moonsong Chinooks is very excited to welcome new Chinook Grandpuppies into the world.  The sire is Moonsong Time Bandit and the dam is Mountain Thunder Great Kyraina. This litter is the first litter for new Chinook breeders Desert Sol Chinooks.  Congratulation on a beautiful litter.  You can follow the pups at
 Kyra is very beautiful!!
Bandit is a handsome dude!