Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Jungle Book Litter is Here!

Katsuk welcomed 8 beautiful, healthy pups to the world on September 25th, 2009. The sire is PR Rain Mountain Nakani. There are 7 males and one female. You can see more of the pups on their blog

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Late Winter litter planned

Moonsong Chinooks is planning a Late Winter/Early Spring 2010 breeding of CH PR Laughing Mountain Alsea Song to PR Lighthouse Tillamook Rock (Dakota). Dakota lives nearby and has met with the Moonsong Chinook pack for a playdate. Alsea was instantly smitten, as were all my girls. Dakota is a large, handsome male who is very distinguished and confident. He is wonderful with children and got along with my male Chinooks. Both Alsea and Dakota have great heads. I will post more about this breeding in the coming months, as the date of the breeding approaches. For now, I am preparing for Katsuk's fall 2009 litter. Dakota has a very handsome head

Dakota takes a break from his playdate with the Moonsong pack. He had a great time but was very tired at the end of the afternoon.
Alsea is a pretty girl with great movement. She is a very willing worker under harness and I am looking forward to seeing what she can produce in the whelping box.
Alsea has a beautiful face!

Katsuk is Expecting!

Katsuk shows off her pregnant belly
Yeah, Katsuk is Pregnant!! The vet confirmed that she is expecting a medium sized litter( around 5 or so) at the end of September. I am very excited that Katsuk is having puppies. Not only is she an exceptional Chinook but the sire was neutered after they were bred and this will be his only litter. Late summer/fall in Washington is very nice- not too hot, not yet the rainy season- it is a great time to raise puppies.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer news

It has been a busy summer for Moonsong Chinooks. I am now the Chair of the Standard and Judge's education Committee of the Chinook Club of America. The Chinook appeared in Dog Fancy magazine causing a large bump in inquiries about the breed. Jiggles is a new father to 3 pups born to Rain Mountain Chinooks and he also finished his Grand Championship at the Washington Classic over the 4th of July weekend. Katsuk was bred to PR Rain Mountain Nakani last week and is hopefully expecting a litter. I am looking forward to the pitter patter of puppy feet this fall.

Katsuk is looking forward to having puppies- she loves being a mom Here is the sire. Baxter will be neutered in a couple weeks so this is his only chance for pups. I like Baxter's sire, Bannack, and I am happy I can bring his genes into the Moonsong breeding program The Moonsong pack enjoys a lazy moment on the deck It has been a record summer for heat in seattle. The Moonsong pack loves using the pool, hose, and sprinklers to keep cool

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Election results

Yeah Mom!!

The Election results are in and I am now the Chair of the Standard and Judges Education Committee of the Chinook Club of America. I am very excited. I am also very determined to do a good job. The webpage for the CCA is below. Please visit and learn more about how you can become a member, join a committee, and help promote this wonderful breed.

Jiggles is going to be a dad!

Moonsong Chinooks is very pleased to announce that CH Moonsong Mukilteo Bluejay ( aka Jiggles) is going to be dad. This is the first litter that will be produced from a dog bred by Moonsong Chinooks. I have been in Chinooks for over 9 years but I started out with male dogs that I stood at stud. Some of my stud fee pups have gone on to produce litters but these dogs carried the name of the kennel that bred them. ( For example CH PR SpringCreek Lambeau Leap is my dog, produced by my stud Tay and was given to me as payment for Tay's services, but was bred by Springcreek Chinooks).
Jiggles is a handsome, sweet, athletic dog and I am very excited to see his pups. You can visit his blog at The dam for this litter is CH PR Brownstone Lolo Kumtux of Rain. You can visit her webpage at:

Monday, March 23, 2009

CCA elections

The Chinook Club of America is holding elections and I have decided to throw my hat in the ring, running for Chair of the Standard and Judges Education Committee. I would love to give back to the breed that has given me so much. I have served on committees in the Chinook Club of America ( CCA), the Chinook Owners Association ( COA) and the former Chinook Dog Club of America (CDCA). The biography for the ballots needed to be quite short so I am going to use this post to talk a bit about myself. For those non CCA members and those uninterested in the election, my previous Current Events posts start at the bottom of this page

Chinooks have been in my life since 1999, after finding out about them on the internet. There was a local Chinook gathering near my house and I instantly fell in love with the breed. I acquired my first Chinook in 2000 and never looked back. I have bred 4 litters under the Moonsong Chinook name as well as standing several wonderful males at stud. I have owned and bred Champions, Grand Champions, and Top Ten finishers. My dogs also have Weight Pull titles and compete in Obedience as well as sledding, biking, and scooter races. I love to show but my passion is sledding. It is so peaceful to run down the trail with a team of Chinooks and I enjoy having dogs that excel in the ring but also excel in harness. My goal for breeding is to produce triple purpose sledding and show dogs that are, above all healthy and happy family pets.

My goal for this election is to serve as chair for the Standards and Judges Education committee. I work very well with others and look forward to helping the club complete a new standard that will serve this breed well as we move into AKC. I feel Judges Education is also very important as the Chinook is a rare breed and not known to many in the AKC world. I have met many AKC judges and breeders in the course of my work at the Academy of Canine Behavior and also at AKC shows where I have handled my Irish Water Spaniel and Saluki. I have been lucky enough to attend many great seminars over the years, including the K9 College Cruise, which I try to do every year or so. I have studied Canine conformation and movement, breeding, history, nutrition, training, behavior, showing, judging, genetics, and health. I attended Kansas State University and I have a degree in Animal Science from the State University of New York. I currently serve on the Standard and Judges Education committee as well as the Show, Trial, and Trail committee. I have been mentored by several longtime Chinook breeders and I also have a good relationship with many of the newer Chinook owners/breeders. I would enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the Chinook breed as we enter these exciting times.

AKC Sanction B Match

In March 2009, there was a sanction B match in Enumclaw. It was the first time Chinooks were able to show in an AKC match in Washington. It was a fun day as 9 Chinook fanciers and 15 Chinooks enjoyed a day of showing and comraderie. Some pictures of the day are below.
Best puppy was PR Moonsong the Tin Man ( Watson)

Best Adult and Best of breed was the very handsome Meadowbrook Ranger

Ranger and Oscar look for treats. Ranger and Oscar are half brothers, sired by CH Channahon's Northern Kodiak. The best puppy, Watson, is also a Kodiak pup. There are only three pups by Kodiak in Washington but they look to be three very nice boys who should do well in the ring this year.
Moonsong Rosie shows off her sulky harness. She was giving rides to 4H students at the show
Brett also gave rides at the show.
Moonsong Cornelia and Dutch checked out their very first show

Welcome to the family

Sugar River Jackjumper Song joined the Moonsong pack on the same day my Deadliest catch pups were leaving for new homes. He was sent by his breeder to the west coast in order to maximize genetic diversity in the breed. I am looking forward to showing him in the ring and hopefully, someday, see him produce pups that are as nice as his parents, Taz and Kaya. Jacks blog is

Recent Breedings

On December 13th 2008, Chili gave birth to 9 wonderful pups. Their blog can be seen at
After almost 2 years off of breeding, Moonsong Chinooks was estatic over the arrival of my first ever Singleton pup- PR Moonsong the Tin Man. His blog can be seen at


This blog was created to share the current events going on at Moonsong Chinooks. Shows, breedings, club activities, sledding trips, races, and playdates will be among the news I will share. Keep checking in to see what's new!