Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Associated litter expected

One of the pups from my Well Loved Book litter has been bred and is expecting pups of her own!  Reine ( aka Moonsong Small Wonder) is a daughter of Chili and Jiggles- two wonderful Chinooks who are/were very special to me.  Jiggles died last year so I am happy to see his offspring go on and Chili is a fit and happy senior Chinook- still full of life and giving me fits with her shenanigans.  This litter is extra special because it signals the start of a brand new breeding kennel.  The Chinook breed is small and still endangered.  It is a blessing when someone decides to contribute to the continuation of the breed by breeding.  You can visit Spook Nook Chinooks at the link below to learn more about the parents and follow the pups: