Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breeding plans

Kila is in season now and is going to be bred to Cloudburst Railrun Luca.
Kila is a very outgoing, sweet, and friendly girl. She loves everyone and everything. Here she is babysitting my friends American Staffordshire Terrier puppy.
Kila is a very solid, well built girl. She has a lot of size and substance and while she has not shown in the ring, she has been evaluated very highly by several UKC and AKC Judges.

The previous pictures have made Kila seem so serious! She is not a serious girl. 90% of the time she is happy, bubbly, and ready for play. The other 10% of the time she is sleeping or about to fall asleep.
Here is Kila with her intended, Luca
Like Kila, he is often smiling and is also a very sweet, outgoing, friendly boy.
Luca has a nice head
I was able to snap this picture before he peed on my flower pots. He looks like he is ready for mischief
Luca has nice proportions, good size, great health, and a wonderful temperament. I am really looking forward to these puppies!!
Kila's mom Jade is also a big girl with beautiful color
Kila's dad, Jackson is stunning. I love everything about him and was overjoyed to get one of his pups.
Luca's sire as a puppy. Runnah was already spectacular. He has great size, color, and type.
Luca's dam Karelia (on the left) is a pretty, well built, sweet, obedient girl.

Water Spaniel news!

Faethe (aka Whistle Stop's Oidhche Shamhna) finished her AKC Championship to become my first AKC Champion!! I have finished my Chinooks in UKC but they were only recently AKC recognized so my Irish Water Spaniel and now my Saluki were my first experiences with AKC dogs. Now I enjoy doing AKC with all my dogs and I look forward to many more AKC Champions! This is not the most exciting news though. Faethe has been bred to CH Whistle Stop's Venetor (AKA Orion). This breeding is being done in conjunction with WhistleStop Irish Water Spaniels and will carry the Whistlestop name.

Faethe is phenomenal with children and she does 4H with a young girl that does not have a dog of her own. Faethe is very patient, calm, and loves everyone. She has many fans.

I love the Water Spaniel topknot. It usually falls on both sides of the face so she has unrestricted vision but I brushed it down for this picture. No red eye when there are no eyes!

Unlike my Chinook litters, IWS pups look identical! rickrack or puppy collars are a must! Keeping track of identical puppy blobs seems much harder than a Chinook litter that usually has some variety in markings and/or color.
Hopefully the pups will be sweet, well tempered, well conformed, hunting dogs like both their parents.

Breeding accomplished!

Jiggles is hopefully going to be a dad again! He was bred last week to Noble Thunder Anna. If the breeding was successful, this will be the first litter for Paradise Chinooks in Hawaii.
Anna is very sweet and wonderful with kids. Jiggles is the same so I am expecting the pups to be wonderful companions.
Anna posing for the camera. Hawaii provides beautiful scenery for photos!!

Jiggles is a very handsome, athletic boy. He is a great sled dog but knows when to turn it off. He is very calm and sedate in the house. I will post an update once we learn if the breeding was successful.