Friday, June 15, 2012

Rainbow Bridge

 CH Springcreek Lambeau Leap aka Brett (Favre) left this world much too soon this week at 7 years of age of a lung infection.  He was born on 9/11/04 and brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.  He was the sweetest dog and loved everyone. He was an amazing ambassador for the breed and was gentle with children.  His sweet demeanor did not stop him from being a kick butt sled dog.  He had a lot of natural drive to pull and worked for a living doing scooter and cart demos for and  He produced 3 wonderful litters who inherited his kindness and many also have his pulling ability.  He was a big handsome dude and will be missed by many.
 Brett doing a carting test with his owner calling directions to him from a distance
 Brett finished his Championship at 6 months of age!
 He was sure a cute pup and had an 'it' factor, even then
 Brett doing agility as a pup
 This is my favorite photo of Brett, racing with his daughter Rosie.  I love the look of concentration and the dirt flying from their paws.
Brett was a good demo dog.  He loved to show off.

We will miss you Brett

New Arrivals!

Chili's litter is here!  You can see more pics and read about her adventures in whelping at

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Frontier Litter is Here!!

 The Rafferty x Lilah pups have arrived!  These pups were the result of a joint Frontier/Moonsong breeding but the pups are being raised by Lilah's custodial owner: Susan of Frontier chinooks.  Moonsong Lilah produced a beautiful litter of pups 2 years ago so I am very excited to see these pups grow.  They are happy, vigorous pups.
 The boys (L to R): Moss, Justice, Flare, and Knight ( who is a gorgeous dark tawny!)
The Girls (L to R): Bliss, Apple, and Sunny

 The pups don't always like to cooperate at picture time:-)  It took a lot of shots to get the 3 usable shots at the top!