Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye Kaltag

Bownstone Iditarod Trail Song (Kaltag) has found a new home with one of my co workers who also owns Bagheera from my Jungle Book litter. Kaltag, aka Kole, is going to be kept intact for breeding and showing. The family are avid hikers, campers, and snowboarders so he will be out and about often. He is a very good natured, bold boy but is the epitome of turn on and turn off. I will have to say he was the easiest puppy I ever had- in the house he was a lazy lump but when we went out he was in the pool, down the trail, and shooting all over.
Kaltag naps in front of his grandma Chili- his last night at home. Honey will really miss him!

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