Monday, June 11, 2012

The Frontier Litter is Here!!

 The Rafferty x Lilah pups have arrived!  These pups were the result of a joint Frontier/Moonsong breeding but the pups are being raised by Lilah's custodial owner: Susan of Frontier chinooks.  Moonsong Lilah produced a beautiful litter of pups 2 years ago so I am very excited to see these pups grow.  They are happy, vigorous pups.
 The boys (L to R): Moss, Justice, Flare, and Knight ( who is a gorgeous dark tawny!)
The Girls (L to R): Bliss, Apple, and Sunny

 The pups don't always like to cooperate at picture time:-)  It took a lot of shots to get the 3 usable shots at the top!

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