Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Sci Fi litter is here!

The Moonsong Sci Fi litter has arrived! This is the second and final litter for Moonsong Cornelia Marie.  The sire is Moonsong Secret Squirrel.  The pups and parents can be seen on the litter blog  


  1. We love Chinooks! Are family is looking for a new furry friend, as my husky/shepherd of 13 years passed last year. Are yours spoken all spoken for? We are an active family in Portland, OR. Reach me at 506-490-5493 Kurt Andrea Samra and Mo

  2. Oops... my daughter pointed out I mis-typed our number


  3. Hello! My family is also interested in a Chinook puppy. If there are any available for adoption, please give us a call! We live in Seattle, WA


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