Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainbow Bridge

 On Saturday, May 12th 2012, Pharaoh crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was 12 years old- a good age for such a big guy!  Pharaoh was a very sweet, very mellow but fun loving dog who was loved by EVERYONE who met him.  His mom came into our rescue in Florida and promptly gave birth to 10 pups- All of whom looked very Husky like except for Pharaoh.  He was so much of a Chinook -a-like as a pup that I just had to have him.
 Pharaoh looked so handsome in his harness! 
 He was a great weight pull dog and we would practice with tires by pulling them up and down our 1 mile grass runway
 What a cute face!  I had a very hard time naming him and one day a visitor to the rescue looked at him and said "Look at that puppy, he has a face painted up like a little Pharaoh" and that was his name!
 Pharaoh with his mom Chassie, a Malamute hybrid.  He did not get any of his looks from his mom!  All his littermates looked similar to her- Pharaoh was one of a kind.
 Pharaoh snoozing- his favorite activity
The only time Pharaoh was active was when he was under harness.  He loved to pull.  He was a strong, steady sled dog.  Here he is the winter after I moved to Washington in harness with UConn, Hyak, and Tay.  Of the four dogs in this picture, only Tay( back right) is left...where has time gone:-( 

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